Call of Cthulhu - Austin

Game 10: Blue John

Lima, Peru

In the evening, the group reconvened at their hotel in Lima for drinks to discuss the situation. As part of an ongoing spate of ill health that had dogged the group’s every step, Dr. Curtis, Ellis Weir, and Franklin Sinclair found themselves out of sorts and retired to their rooms, leaving the planning and execution in the hands of their companions.

Jack Slacker outlined a plan to case the Warehouse District to try and take a look at the NWI Warehouse. Together with Brick, he ventured there to look for a neighboring warehouse which he hoped would provide an adequate vantage point from which to survey the situation. Climbing to the top of the neighboring warehouse, they observed the pattern of patrolling guards around the warehouse and noted the shift changes – every six hours at 12:00 and 6:00.

They returned to the hotel to apprise a very intoxicated Englishman of the particulars of the situation. They began a long discussion about how to approach the NWI Warehouse and investigate. A long debate ensued regarding the relative merits of the pedestrian mode of transit versus the use of automotive technology. Jack Slacker advocates the former, while Hadwick and Brick are in favor of vehicular transport. Ultimately, however, Slacker managed to persuade his fellows of the merits of his position.

The plan the trio hatched entailed Hadwick laying in wait to offer cover fire in the case that it was necessary, as Slacker and Brick attempted covert entrance into the NWI Warehouse just before the change in shift, as they reasoned the guards were likely to be the most tired and bored then.

In accordance with the plan, they sneaked up to the top of the building and broke in, finding it unoccupied. Making their way down to the first floor, Brick picks the lock to the office, copies the ledger showing shipments to San Francisco every two to three days. They also found a letter that Brick copied. The letter was on an NWI letterhead and read as follows:

Edward Chandler
NWI Chicago HQ

Dear SIr:

Please be advised that the operation in sector A-48 is nearing completion. Blue John collection is ahead of schedule. Dismantling of the operation will begin soon and a reduction of activity at the NWI site will follow. Our allies from Y. appear to be happy with the future arrangements made for them in your plans. I believe that all will go well.

IƤ Shub-Niggurath,

J. Harris

Their examination of the crates revealed that they were all empty save for traces of a blue powder. Slacker tasted the powder, which gave him a strange feeling in his loins. Taking a small sample of the powder, they leave.

The next day, they decided to go and see Victor and perhaps talk to him about the Indians. He takes them back into the office, and he tells them about arranging for a translator named Sancho, his brother in law. While they’re talking, they hear gunshots in the other room. Going to see what happened, they saw a group of soldiers and a dead soldier. There was a broken window near where a man had previously been sitting there.

Victor looked visibly shaken by the events, so Hadwick took him aside and persuaded him to tell him what was going on. Victor told him that he suspected that perhaps the man might have been Goyo, and is worried the soldiers will think that he has been associating with him. Hadwick reveals to Victor that they are investigating NWI. Victor tries to discourage him from such a course of action, but they end the conversation then as the group heads back to Lima.

They plan to meet in the morning with Sancho, who will guide and translate for them in the area.


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