Call of Cthulhu - Austin

Game 8: Sands of Time (continued)


The next morning, they found Galloway red-faced and raging about the disappearance of his trusty foreman Katif. They persuaded Galloway that they didn’t know what happened to Katif. They said that he retrieved their belongings for them, and claimed he would bring back more, but has never returned.

Faced with little choice but to continue his dig and avoid wasting precious time, Galloway sent the group off with six diggers and a number of camels to carry both them as well as the necessary supplies to the prospective dig site. After laying out a grid and beginning the dig under the guidance of Daniels, they were fortunate to have found some evidence of a structure in the later part of the day – namely, what appeared to be steps.

Daniels wanted to go back and inform Galloway of the discovery, and so Slacker and Hadwick volunteered to accompany him. Noting the discovery, more than anything the Galloway expedition has found so far, the Professor makes the official decision to head to the new dig site immediately with some additional diggers. He leaves McFarland behind to take down the camp and bring the rest of the expedition. McFarland is charged to leave a few men behind to wait near the spot for a time, guarding against the return of Katif so as not to abandon the man in the desert.

At the new dig site, Galloway is able to make out the hieroglyphics indicating that this is a tomb, and they continue the dig as long as there is daylight. The next day, the dig continues and they find doors, noting that the soil is loose. On the door are more hieroglyphics, which Brick captures on photograph.

Strangely, the seal on the door seems to be broken, but they decide to go ahead anyhow. Hadwick notices that there are four sets of tracks going in, and three coming out.

Venturing in further, they pass two sarcophagi. Going deeper, they enter the room where there is a tomb upraised in the center of the room, and a dessicated body on the floor.

A crashing sound comes from behind them, and they rush out to see what greets them, while Hadwick moves quickly to nab the scrolls inside the room. What they find on rushing back is two men with the heads of crocodiles are approaching them slowly. A fight ensues in which Sinclar is wounded, but thanks to good shooting by Galloway, Sinclair and Curtis, the crocodile mummies were put down. Hadwick manages to bandage Sinclair successfully.

Upon emerging from the tomb, they discuss their next steps. Galloway asks them to maintain some silence about the events of the expedition, particularly the crocodile mummies.

Between themselves, they begin to discuss their next steps. Do they travel to the star of Celaeno in search of further clues, or travel back to America to report to Carrington on their progress?

NExt steps:
- Celaeno
- Go back to see Carrington?


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